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Lucina Eatery & Bar

About us

Lucina is an expression of soul. It is an expression of our roots, our heritage, our culture - along with a deep appreciation for our neighbors. Lucina is the choice to create bold flavors that grab hold of a colorful, interesting life. Enjoy it with us!




Ras's mother, Santa Lucina (Lucy), is the inspiration and motivation behind his career in food and beverage, even naming the restaurant, Lucina, after her. In his family, everybody cooks. Weekends at home came with an open door policy, encouraging spontaneous neighborhood dinner parties. Their house was constantly filled with family, friends, food, and music. Through his Mexican upbringing with tamales, sopes, and fideo, Ras brings spice and comfort to everything he touches. Ras actively continues his education outside the classroom with extensive travels around the globe refining his culinary style. His dream is to recreate his past experiences and share his knowledge at Lucina in Denver's Park Hill community.



Growing up in Argentina, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico, Diego Coconati had a diverse childhood filled with interesting cuisines and cultures. It was the love of bringing family and friends together around a home-cooked meal that led him to pursue the culinary arts at the prestigious Johnson & Wales Culinary Institute in Miami, Florida. More than that, he wanted to represent and share his Latin culture with his Park Hill community, as well as the diverse flavors and cooking methods of the many Spanish speaking countries from South America all the way to the Caribbean. His favorites include steak and chimichurri from his native country of Argentina and mofongo and ceviche from his second home of Puerto Rico. Diego believes the key to capturing the beauty of a meal is the simplicity of ingredients and interesting flavor profiles that can truly transform a dish. When he's not in the kitchen, Diego enjoys spending time with his wife and kids in the majestic outdoors of beautiful Colorado.



Food has always been at the center of Michelle Nguyen's life. She loves the art of gathering. It's where she thrives because her passion is to bring people together and not only nourish, but bring enjoyment. She sees the dinner table as a neutral ground where all conversation can be open. In that same spirit of fellowship, Michelle has made it her mission to find ways of connectedness wherever she goes. Particularly for Lucina, she has aimed to create a place of comfort, hospitality, and fun as a refuge in your day.

Alexander Moon and Henry Ottrix

Alexander Moon

General Manager

Henry Ottrix

Beverage director